Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What will our life turn out to be?

It has been bugging me lately, about what I really want. Is it the corporate world, working from 8 - 5:30 (in actual, I can leave office at anytime and even work from home -- it's a flexible company) and get my salary every end of the month? Or a life within my total control and enjoy the freedom to do what ever I want?

It might sound nice to work for myself, doing the things that I love but I'm sure that there are many obstacles out there. I guess it's the comfort zone that I'm in now that makes me worry to leave the corporate world.

People says you must have some skills, and that skill must be revolving and evolving so that it follow the trend and never dies off easily. So, I start analyzing on what I love to do a.k.a my passion...
1) dancing
2) posing for photoshoot
3) photographing (I'm very much into this now)
4) Photoshopping (Been learning lately)
5) Album creating - digital album and print outs (Doing this right now as well)

So it's pretty obvious on what I love to do but how good am I? I should say I'm still a novice in this area. Will I improve? I guess it's the passion that will keep me moving.

Will photography and post-processing skills bring me to somewhere I wanted to go? Will photography and post-processing skills dies off tomorrow? Let the time to be the judge. Mark this date and see how soon I can achieve my dream and start writting my success stories... hahaha.

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