Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nikon D5000 Service Advisory for Malaysian!

Guys & Girls, this serve as a post to notify you all that you will need to check your Nikon D5000 DSLR in Nikon Malaysia website, click on "Services" and from the drop down menu, choose Service Advisory. Then Enter your DSLR serial and click Verify. Be hopeful that your camera not affected coz mine is. :(

There is 2 service center in Malaysia, one in PJ, Selangor and another is in Penang. Do call them up and as of yesterday (29/07/09) I've called Penang branch, the spare parts haven't arrive yet.

Gud Luck!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Building the Foundation...

I've been spending some time with my Nikon BFF to build the needed foundation on photography. I never thought there would be so many things for me to learn, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Manual Focus this and that... I would say it's interesting!

Not only that, I will need to learn and practice the shooting and as well as post processing. As for the shooting, I will need to know how to frame the pictures, need to make sure my lens is my eye... my 3rd eye... hahahaha.

As for post processing, of coz have to re-learn my Photoshop (yes, re-learn I used it few years back then stop coz too busy with life and work) and even Lightroom. All from the famous Adobe!

Other than that... read, practice, read, practice!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My 1st photography with Nikon D5000

Here are some pictures I took with my Nikon D5000. It was an amazing experience, once I see the pictures... I'm in love and wanting for more... next lens is in my shopping list... Ouch... money going out of the pocket again. Here are the pictures, comments comments. :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting a 1st DSLR

I've been reading quite a few forum and got to know some really do ask the same question on my mind. Which DSLR suitable for a noob or those who want to move up to DSLR from point-and-shoot camera.

Here is my guide, I'm new and experienced it. Hope you'll get some ideas out of it.
  1. Talk to your photographer friend.
  2. Borrow a DSLR from ur photographer friend so that you get a feel of owning one.
  3. Read reviews (dpreview/steves-digicams/etc), lots of them and drill to a camera that match your needs and personalities.
  4. Pay some visits to your local camera shop, see the camera for yourself. Hold it, feel it and try it out.
  5. Try to get the best bargain or better still get ur photographer friend bring you to his fav camera shop. (U can enjoy the member's price)
  6. Once you got it, play with it and enter to a new zone where you'll get better quality and control of your pictures.
  7. Lastly, enjoy it and share it with your friends.
  8. Another last word, since it's a quality pictures why not earn money with it? Google for Microstock photography and you'll know what I mean.

I will blog about Microstock photography as well, stay tuned. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

New BFF!

I just got to know my BFF, and never thought we are so clicked! As soon as we met, we became close, so close until I think about her every now and then. How should I care for her, how should I treat her, hope I won't hurt her for I want to her to remain as my BFF!

Here's how I'll describe her...
She has a beautiful solid and flexible body (in another word, she is sexy), she is multi-talented and her life is ever so colorful!

How we met? Well, I've been stalking her for quite sometime. I check out her website, read thru her blog, see her pictures, she was HOT! I got to know from my friend that his friend know her, so quickly I get my friend to introduced me to her. As soon as we met, we were so clicked! Just as simple as that... but it cost me a lot to have her as a BFF. I've to spend RM2948 just to bring her home! I can tell you, it worth every cents of that RM2948.

Who is this person that I sound so lesbian about? Well worry not, I'm straight! She is Nikon D5000 my new BFF. :)

I'm still new to DSLR photography but this BFF of mine, helped me a lot! I'll try to upload some pictures when I'm ready, stay tuned. :)

Too sweet for lunch!

Ah... again it's Monday!

Had lunch @ Master Choo's again and this time as I realized it... most of the food are SUPER SWEET! As much as I anti MSG, this Master Choo is a lover to it... I feel so thirsty after the food. Shall I go again for my next lunch-out, I hope not unless I really can't find other food.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting sick

It rained last weekend and now I have flu symptom -- running nose! I still have lots to study -- studying Flickr... hehehe...

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Search

I'm in search of a better place to show cast my creation, from picasa web album (I thought it was good enuf since it is integrated with Blogger but it only spare me 1GB of storage), then I wanted to switch to but it was kinda slow to load, then I'm considering flickr and photobucket. Flickr uses Yahoo! ID which I lost it and lazy to re-create one so PhotoBucket it is. I'll try out on how it goes, if it's good and can feature my creation in the original size with no lagging issue, I'll stick with it... else somebody please help me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My 1st Creation.

These pictures was taken during my trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands back in the year-end of 2006. It's my sister's company trip, so I just tag along with the free accomodation and my sis did sponsor me some money for the trip and she pay for the food as well.

It was almost winter and too bad we missed it as we carried the hot/cold weather from Malaysia with us to Amsterdam. My sister's x-colleague was there to pick us up from the airport and my poor sis luggage went missing, so we have to do some shopping for her and the things there... not cheap. :(

The weather in Ams that time was cold, windy and slight rain but it didn't stop me to walk around Ams and be like one of them. They always travel with tram/bus/bicycle but back in Malaysia I always drive, even to a nearby shop... yeah, that's how lazy I am to walk! :P

I've really had a great experience there, with the canal bus, the museum (u know what I mean, the xxx museum, rijkmuseum, Anne Frank, etc), the food (very big portion), the people (not as friendly as I thought), coffee shops (u know, marijuana - no I never go there - call me chicken brand, I don't even dare to taste the marijuana candy!) and of coz, how can I miss the Red Light District?

Will I travel to Netherlands again? Hell yeah! I haven't experience Spring, I want to see the tulips... the ever so beautiful tulips!