Friday, July 10, 2009

My 1st Creation.

These pictures was taken during my trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands back in the year-end of 2006. It's my sister's company trip, so I just tag along with the free accomodation and my sis did sponsor me some money for the trip and she pay for the food as well.

It was almost winter and too bad we missed it as we carried the hot/cold weather from Malaysia with us to Amsterdam. My sister's x-colleague was there to pick us up from the airport and my poor sis luggage went missing, so we have to do some shopping for her and the things there... not cheap. :(

The weather in Ams that time was cold, windy and slight rain but it didn't stop me to walk around Ams and be like one of them. They always travel with tram/bus/bicycle but back in Malaysia I always drive, even to a nearby shop... yeah, that's how lazy I am to walk! :P

I've really had a great experience there, with the canal bus, the museum (u know what I mean, the xxx museum, rijkmuseum, Anne Frank, etc), the food (very big portion), the people (not as friendly as I thought), coffee shops (u know, marijuana - no I never go there - call me chicken brand, I don't even dare to taste the marijuana candy!) and of coz, how can I miss the Red Light District?

Will I travel to Netherlands again? Hell yeah! I haven't experience Spring, I want to see the tulips... the ever so beautiful tulips!

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