Monday, July 20, 2009

New BFF!

I just got to know my BFF, and never thought we are so clicked! As soon as we met, we became close, so close until I think about her every now and then. How should I care for her, how should I treat her, hope I won't hurt her for I want to her to remain as my BFF!

Here's how I'll describe her...
She has a beautiful solid and flexible body (in another word, she is sexy), she is multi-talented and her life is ever so colorful!

How we met? Well, I've been stalking her for quite sometime. I check out her website, read thru her blog, see her pictures, she was HOT! I got to know from my friend that his friend know her, so quickly I get my friend to introduced me to her. As soon as we met, we were so clicked! Just as simple as that... but it cost me a lot to have her as a BFF. I've to spend RM2948 just to bring her home! I can tell you, it worth every cents of that RM2948.

Who is this person that I sound so lesbian about? Well worry not, I'm straight! She is Nikon D5000 my new BFF. :)

I'm still new to DSLR photography but this BFF of mine, helped me a lot! I'll try to upload some pictures when I'm ready, stay tuned. :)

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